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Harm: US Imperialism

Includes the following: US aggression against other countries and occupation of other countries as practiced by the US military; the development and manufacture of weapons and other technology that aids US military aggression; academic research in support of the US military; investment in weapons companies that supply the US military; propaganda in support of US military aggression or US global or regional dominance; recruitment for the US military; promotion or support of US global or regional dominance through economic and political mechanisms; activities that undermine anti-colonial resistance movements in the interest of promoting US business interests and US political dominance; research, teaching and political activities that provide strategic support for US dominance. We also recognize that the conquest of Indigenous nations first in the establishment of a British colony here where we live, and later in the creation and expansion of the United States as a colonial-settler state, are imperialist and at the core of all later imperialist expansion.

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