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Harvard Trade Union Program (Harvard Law School)

The Harvard Trade Union Program is an executive training program housed within Harvard Law School which targets US labor leadership. Harvard Law School's website describes HTUP in the following way: "The Harvard Trade Union Program an intensive 5-week executive training program designed for trade union leaders. It is comparable to the advanced education that Harvard University offers to executive level individuals in Business, Government, and Law. It teaches the essential skills for the management and leadership of unions, as well as providing a unique opportunity to explore key issues for the labor movement." HLS further notes that HTUP offers participants the chance to "Interact with future leaders in the corporate and public sectors by attending classes at the country's most prestigious graduate schools of business, education and government."

The Harvard Trade Union Program has historically worked in concert with AFL-CIO overseas institutes funded by the US government in cooperation with USAID and the CIA. These overseas institutes aimed to undermine anti-colonial and anti-capitalist organizing in the labor movement (see separate entry on AFL-CIO). According to the history of HTUP published on the HLS website: "The internationalization of the Harvard Trade Union Program became perhaps the most momentous change during the 1950s. Trade unionists from Europe, Asia, Australia, and then Africa and Latin America arrived, many of whom received help from the AFL-CIO and the U.S. State Department." 

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