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One entity uses the products made by another, but the two entities may not necessarily have a formal partnership. Example: a police department purchasing an armored vehicle from a certain supplier.
  1. Berkshire County Regional Strategic Response TeamProduct LinkLenco Armored Vehicles
  2. The Berkshire County Regional Strategic Response Team obtained a $300,000 grant in 2000, a sizeable portion of which was spent on a "bullet-proof military-style vehicle from Pittsfield-based Lenco Armored Vehicles at the time when Lenco Industries was transforming its military BEAR (Ballistic Engineered Armored Response) truck into a SWAT-friendly BearCat (Counter Attack Truck)."

  3. Boston DynamicsProduct LinkMassachusetts State Police
  4. Boston Dynamics has sold its robotic dogs to the Massachusetts State Police.

  5. Boston DynamicsProduct LinkCambridge Police Department
  6. The Cambridge Police Department has utilized Boston Dynamics' robotic dogs.

  7. CDM SmithProduct LinkMicrosoft
  8. As of 2016 CDM Smith was using Microsoft's HoloLens to, in their words, "help our clients design, build and operate their infrastructure assets faster and more efficiently." CDM Smith's CIO David Neitz has stated about the product: "Next generation technologies like this [Microsoft HoloLens] will revolutionize our industry by allowing all stakeholders to visualize, communicate and collaborate together in the design and construction process in a more experiential and transparent process." Of note, the Israeli army and US Air Force also both brag about their use of Microsoft's HoloLens for training and for hunting down "enemies."

  9. Central Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (CEMLEC)Product LinkLenco Armored Vehicles
  10. Central Region Homeland Security Council (CEMLEC) meeting minutes from October 7, 2014 show a motion for "Bear Cat Training for SWAT" for CEMLEC ($11,790). The BearCat is an Armored Vehicle produced by Lenco.

  11. Central Region Homeland Security Advisory CouncilProduct LinkLenco Armored Vehicles
  12. The Central Region Homeland Security Council has a shared equipment list that includes a BearCat Armored Vehicle, held by the Sutton Police Department.

  13. Elbit SystemsProduct LinkGeneral Dynamics
  14. Elbit Systems and General Dynamics have collaborated in the production of armoured vehicles (see: here and here).

  15. General Dynamics Mission SystemsProduct LinkLockheed Martin
  16. General Dynamics Mission Systems states that they have "designed, produced, installed and sustained every version of the Weapon Control System" for the Trident II (D-5) SSBN Fire Control System and SSGN Attack Weapon Control System, a major ballistic weapons system built by Lockheed Martin and deployed in US and UK submarines, which is capable of launching nuclear weapons (see info on most recent Trident II contract here).

  17. Lenco Armored VehiclesProduct LinkPittsfield Police Department
  18. Lenco has sold its armored vehicles to the Pittsfield Police Department.

  19. Lenco Armored VehiclesProduct LinkWatertown Police Department
  20. Lenco has sold its armored vehicles to the Watertown Police Department.

  21. Lenco Armored VehiclesProduct LinkUS Marshals Service
  22. Lenco supplies armored vehicles to the US Marshals Service.

  23. Lenco Armored VehiclesProduct LinkBoston Police Department
  24. Lenco has sold its armored vehicles to the Boston Police Department. 

  25. Lenco Armored VehiclesProduct LinkCambridge Police Department
  26. A 2020 Cambridge Police Department report revealed that the Cambridge Police owned one of Lenco's "BearCat" armored vehicles, a source of ongoing outrage amongst Cambridge residents. (See also here)

  27. MITProduct LinkCisco
  28. As of 2016, MIT's internal computing/communications department (IS&T) uses Cisco's products for instant messaging. Cisco is a computing company that provides surveillance tools for the Israeli state, while building facilities on colonized Palestinian lands. 

  29. Massachusetts State PoliceProduct LinkGuardian Uniform and Supply
  30. Guardian Uniform and Supply provides Massachusetts police forces with equipment. According to public records, in 2022 Massachusetts state police placed an order of over $100,000 with Guardian for “light weapons and ammunition.” In the same year, the state of Massachusetts also bought “public Safety Equipment and Two-Way Radios” from Guardian for over $400,000.

  31. Northrop GrummanProduct LinkLockheed Martin
  32. Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin collaborate in the production of Apache AH64D Helicopters sold to Israel. Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin also collaborate in the production of F-35 fighter jets sold to Israel, with Northrop Grumman producing key component parts for these F-35 fighter jets (see also here and here). Israel has used these Apache Helicopters and fighter jets in its repeated attacks on densely populated areas in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well as in Lebanon. In these attacks, Israel has targeted civilian homes, civilian infrastructure, and refugee camps. (See: here and here)

  33. Southeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (SEMLEC)Product LinkLenco Armored Vehicles
  34. An image from the SEMLEC website concerning its SWAT team shows a Lenco BearCat armored vehicle emblazoned with SEMLEC's name.

  35. State of Mass.Product LinkUltimate Kronos Group
  36. The state of Massachusetts uses software created by Ultimate Kronos Group (previously known as "Kronos"), as evidenced by the state's audit of the Barnstable County Sheriff's office.

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