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Guardian Uniform and Supply

Guardian Uniform and Supply is a company based in Springfield, Massachusetts that provides equipment, uniform, and “riot gear” to police, including helmets, holsters, “hard knuckle” gloves, shields, and gas masks. It also sells training manuals to police, including a manual on “juvenile law” that instructs police on how to do things like “school searches.”

Guardian Uniform and Supply provides Massachusetts police forces with equipment. According to public records, in 2022 Massachusetts state police placed an order of over $100,000 with Guardian for “light weapons and ammunition.” In the same year, the state of Massachusetts also bought “public Safety Equipment and Two-Way Radios” from Guardian for over $400,000.

In 2020, Guardian Uniform and Supply received a $7,000 grant from the US government’s Small Business Administration, as part of a Covid “relief” program for small businesses.


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