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US Marshals Service

The US Marshals Service is a federal law enforcement agency responsible for "protecting the federal judicial process." The US Marshals pursue and apprehend "fugitives" wanted by the US government (including political dissidents), and coordinate the caging and the transport (between and amongst detention facilities, courts, and correctional institutions) of people incarcerated for federal legal offenses.

In 2014, John Gibbons, United States Marshal for the District of Massachusetts, participated in an all-expenses-paid "counterterrorism seminar" in Israel sponsored by the New England chapter of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The ADL sponsors this and other similar all-expenses-paid delegations to Israel for high-ranking New England police, ICE, FBI, and other security officials, where these officials meet with Israeli military, police, and intelligence agencies, with whom they train and exchange tactics including surveillance, racial profiling, crowd control, and the containment of protests.

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