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Tatelman Family Foundation

The Susan and Barry Tatelman Family Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation, which donates to organizations that promote militarism, racism, and ethnic cleansing in Palestine and around the world. These include:

The Susan and Barry Tatelman Family Foundation also donates to pro-Israel "Donor Advised Funds," organizations which function as recipients of large sums of money from wealthy individuals which DAFs then channel to those wealthy donors' desired recipients as donations from the Donor Advised Fund, without the necessity of public transparency that the donation came from the specific wealthy donor:

The Susan and Barry Tatelman Foundation has also donated to the following institutions which are included on our map for their complicity in Zionism and other forms of racism:

In addition to these donations, The Susan and Barry Tatelman Foundation holds shares or has previously held and then sold shares in several company's which promote militarism, Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestine, and/or racism and violence in other parts of the world. These include:

Private Foundations: Redirecting Resources from the Tax-Base to the Preferred Charities of the Wealthy

Assets held within a private foundation, as well as gains on those assets, face considerably less tax liability than assets held as personal wealth. Moreover, private foundations enable wealthy individuals to use tax write-offs to reduce the taxes they have pay on all of their assets, including assets held outside of their foundations as personal wealth. Such tax-evasion is perfectly legal, on the condition that a foundation's disbursements (donations + expenses) in a given fiscal year equal at least 5% of the fair market value of that foundation's total assets from the end of the previous fiscal year. As of their most recent tax filings, the Tatelmans held assets within their foundation totaling $2,713,154. Moreover, a considerable portion of these assets within the Tatelman Family Foundation are invested in corporate stock, yielding revenues for the Tatelmans through interest, dividends, and gains from asset sales which face considerably reduced tax liability relative to gains on assets held as personal wealth.

Rather than benevolent ventures through which wealthy individuals give away their money for the public good, private foundations should be understood as strategic financial maneuvers through which the wealthy reduce the taxes they have to pay into public budgets, in exchange for committing to donate a portion of the (under-taxed) wealth held in their foundations to their preferred charitable causes. The Tatelmans use their foundation as a tax-free stock portfolio for their family's wealth, while funneling derivative income from these stocks into organizations and institutions supporting Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homeland.

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