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J Street Boston Chapter

J Street is a national liberal Zionist NGO and lobbying organization, which maintains a branch for the Boston area.

J Street describe themselves as "pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans" who aim to "promote US policies that embody our deeply held Jewish and democratic values and that help secure the State of Israel as a democratic homeland for the Jewish people." J Street provides an ostensibly more progressive, but still firmly Zionist, alternative for Jewish American as well as some Democratic politicians who have become disaffected by the often overtly racist and Islamophobic political discourse of traditional pro-Israel lobbying groups such as AIPAC and the ADL. In this way, J Street redirects American opposition to and frustration with the policies and practices of the state of Israel toward criticism of Israel which stops short of challenging the fundamentally ethnocratic and settler colonial foundations of the Zionist state. J Street's political framework attempts to relegate Palestinians to the position of a minority group who can at best aspire toward increased integration into Israel's colonial political framework (a framework premised on their removal and subjugation), rather than an indigenous group who should (and do) aspire toward reclaiming the land and resources that the Zionist state has stolen from them.

J Street is a member organization of the JCRC of Greater Boston.

Boston, MA

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