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Clark University

Clark University is a private university located in Worcester Massachusetts. The Clark University chapter of Hillel encourages Clark students to attend propaganda trips to Israel and to participate in Zionist organizations and initiatives.

Clark University Hillel runs what it calls the "Israel and Zionism Committee," which it claims "works on advocacy issues relating to Israel." Clark University Hillel encourages Clark students to attend propaganda trips to Israel, including "Taglit-Birthright" and "Onward Israel," and encourages Clark students to participate in Study Abroad programs and summer fellowships in Israel. Clark University Hillel subsidizes Clark students' attendance of Zionist conferences, such the AIPAC Policy Conference in 2020 which was attended by a delegation of Clark students. Clark University Hillel encourages Clark students to participate in trainings on Israel advocacy, such as the "Hasbara Fellowship" and "J Street U".

Alongside Clark University Hillel, the Hillel Council of New England (HCNE) also engages Clark University students, further encouraging Clark students to connect with Zionist organizations and initiatives and to attend Israel-based internship programs and spring break trips to Israel. Moreover, Clark University participates in the "Young Emissaries" program, which brings young Israeli adults to Clark University "to share and teach about Hebrew, Israeli culture, and history, among other things."

950 Main St, Worcester, MA 01610

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