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Israeli-American Council Boston

The Israeli-American Council (IAC) Boston is the local branch of the Israeli-American Council, a national Zionist lobbying and propaganda organization which has been heavily funded by conservative Zionist donors including Sheldon Ableson. IAC Boston provides training and resources aimed at assisting US college students and community members to disseminate Zionist propaganda. According to their website, IAC Boston "Provides the tools and training to help support Israeli-Americans become effective advocates for Israel in their communities, workplaces, on social media and on campuses," including tools and trainings on "countering BDS."

As part of this effort to "counter BDS," IAC Boston operates a cyber media war room, "The Boston Media Room," in partnership with the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston and the Israeli university IDC Herzliya. IAC Boston claims that "The goal of the program is to promote a positive influence on the international public opinion towards the State of Israel via social media platforms," by providing "physical spaces for training and activating volunteers to take part in local online pro-Israel activities." IAC Boston further notes about the Boston Media Room: "Under the guidance of volunteer mentors from the fields of research, journalism, hi-tech, and education, a hand-picked group of Student Ambassadors (ages 16-24) will represent an elite public diplomacy team, developing Israel awareness campaigns and reactions to local anti-Israel and BDS activity while training and engaging a wider community of volunteers (all ages) to join their efforts."

IAC Boston also run "Hasbara Workshops" (their term) through which they "share methods on how to respond to tough questions, reconcile gaps in opinions and views, focus on facts vs. myths and on how to showcase Israel’s beauty and world contribution." IAC Boston uses their "Israel Academic Forum," led by academics from the Boston area, to "Spread a broader, positive image of Israel" and to "Cultivate a community of academics in the Greater Boston area. Empower the pro-Israel academic community." IAC Boston claims that the Israel Academic Form places value upon "being apolitical," while also stating "We welcome everyone who believes in Israel." IAC-Boston also run a fellowship program called IAC Mishelanu, through which IAC Boston works to cultivate "pro-Israel leadership" on a numerous Boston Area college campuses, including Boston University, Brandeis University, Northeastern University, and UMass Amherst.

IAC Boston worked with other Boston area Zionist lobbying and propaganda groups, including the JCRC, ADL, AJC, and CJP, to mobilize opposition to a 2021 effort to pass a BDS policy order in Cambridge, MA. Similarly, IAC Boston played a role in mobilizing support for multiple (unsuccessful) attempts over the past decade to pass anti-BDS legislation in the state of Massachusetts, legislation which (had it passed) would have imposed civil and/or criminal penalties upon Massachusetts residents and businesses who chose to engage in political boycotts of Israel.

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