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eClinicalWorks is a company that provides medical records management software to prisons and jails, as well as hospitals. eClinicalWorks has worked with the notoriously brutal Rikers Island prison in New York City. This is a prison where inmates are regularly abused and beaten by guards, and driven to suicide, as in the case of Kalief Browder – a Black teenager who was imprisoned in Rikers at age 16 for supposedly stealing a backpack, beaten by guards, thrown into solitary confinement, and three years later committed suicide. Companies like eClinicalWorks profit from working with such brutal institutions. 

eClinicalWorks uses its experience in servicing Rikers Island in marketing materials. The company's website states that it is "a leading provider of health services for prisons and jails nationwide for over 30 years," and quotes the company's CEO, Girish Kumar Navani, who said that “Our commitment to customers and experience with Rikers Island makes us a logical solution for correctional facilities."

The company also works with the US Department of Homeland Security: in 2020, it received a $4.8M contract for software services.

eClinicalWorks has been accused of creating faulty medical records software that jeopardizes peoples' health (including the health of incarcerated people whose records are managed using the company's software). 

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