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Ultimate Kronos Group

Ultimate Kronos Group (previously, “Kronos”) is a company headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts, founded in 1977 by an MIT graduate, that provides “time-management” software for keeping track of employees. Kronos sells “prison technologies” such as the “Workforce Telestaff” which is used to manage “officer staffing and recall.” According to CorrectionsOne, a site geared for the prison industry, Kronos Workforce Telestaff is well-suited for “deploying officers” and “track[ing] documentation and staff time efficiently during prisoner unrests.” Kronos’s products are widely used by organizations, including schools and police departments, (including Massachusetts police departments). Kronos also has contracts with the US Defense Department.

According to Wikipedia, “in February 2020, the company [Kronos] announced a merger with Ultimate Software and that the combined company would be led by Aron Ain and be called Ultimate Kronos Group. The merger was officially completed on April 1, 2020.”

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