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Finegold Alexander & Associates

Finegold Alexander & Associates is a Boston-based architectural firm which designs prisons. A 2020 article in CommonWealth notes about the firm: "Finegold Alexander has extensive experience designing justice facilities for the state of Massachusetts and the firm is teaming with HOK Architects, a firm that focuses on correctional facility design that is responsive to the needs of incarcerated women. HOK specializes in 'gender-responsive planning' and has designed inmate housing that allows children to sleep with their mothers." By promising such improved and friendlier prisons, Finegold Alexander helps the state not only to build its prisons but also to whitewash over the inherently violent and cruel realities of caging human beings inside them. Finegold Alexander, thus, provides both material and ideological support for the prison system and the carceral state. 

Finegold Alexander & Associates was one of the architectural firms which bid on the state of Massachusetts' project for the design and construction of a new women's prison to replace the state's deteriorating MCI-Framingham facility. The state's new prison project was opposed by community members and their allies, and by abolitionist groups such as Families for Justice as Healing (FJAH).

77 N Washington St, Unit 700, Boston, MA 02114

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