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New Israel Fund Boston

The New Israel Fund is an international liberal Zionist NGO, which has a regional branch in the Boston area.

Per their website, "The New Israel Fund mobilizes Israelis to make positive, progressive change by strengthening Israeli civil society and fighting the inequality, injustice, and extremism that diminish Israel." The New Israel Fund provides an ostensibly more liberal, but still firmly Zionist, pro-Israel political alternative for Jewish people (both Israeli and worldwide) who have become alienated and disaffected by traditional pro-Israel NGOs and lobbying groups, such as AIPAC. The New Israel fund redirects opposition to and frustration with the policies and practices of the state of Israel and its major lobbying groups toward criticisms of Israel which stop short of challenging the fundamentally ethnocratic and settler colonial character of the state. The New Israel Fund's political framework, at best, relegates Palestinians to the position of a minority group who can aspire toward increased integration into Israeli-controlled political systems, through educational and economic advancement, rather than an indigenous group who should, and do, aspire to reclaim the land and resources that Israel has stolen from them.

The New Israel Fund is a member organization of the JCRC of Greater Boston.

Boston, MA

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