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The Lapin Foundation is a charitable foundation based in Salem MA. According to their 2020 Annual Report, the Lappin Foundation's mission includes "Developing a connection to and love for Israel" "across generations." Towards this mission, the Lappin Foundation provides an array of pro-Israel programming and resources in Eastern Massachusetts, geared toward youth in particular.

Particularly notable is the Lappin Foundation's "Youth to Israel Adventure (Y2I)," an all-expenses paid trip to Israel for rising high school sophomores or juniors, which is jointly funded by the Lappin Foundation and Combined Jewish Philanthropies. The Lappin Foundation also coordinates "Virtual tours of Israel."

The Lappin Foundation's pro-Israel resources include its "Israel Land Map," a 30x15 foot large floor map accompanied by "enrichment materials," meant to "make learning about Israel fun and interactive" for young children. The Lappin Foundation website includes a testimony about their Israel Land Map from an educator in Beverly, who states: “Teaching about Israel using the Israel Land Map is a multi-sensory experience for kids of all ages and encourages play with a purpose.  Students have a great time on the floor map learning about Israel through touch, play, stories, games, puzzles and much more. It’s fun and engaging.”

The Lappin foundation also frequently organizes pro-Israel events in Eastern Massachusetts for for people of all ages. These include a May 2022 event entitled "The U.S. and Israel: The Ties That Bind Us," and a March 2022 event entitled "Zionism: Herzl's Vision Then and Now." 

29 Congress St. Salem, Massachusetts 01970

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