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Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren supports Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homeland, while advocating for the interests of US weapons developers in Congress.

Throughout her time in Congress, Elizabeth Warren has been a consistent supporter of the Zionist project, parroting Israel's racist rhetoric about the 'demographic' problem of having too many Palestinian people living on the land Israel wants for Jewish settlement, while dodging questions posed to her during moments of intensified Israeli barbarity, such as Israel's 2014 aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

Warren has also been a strong supporter of arms manufacturers Raytheon and General Dynamics, both of whom are highly active in her home state of Massachusetts (Raytheon is headquartered in Waltham). Raytheon company spokesman Michael Doble has stated that Raytheon “has a positive relationship with Sen. Warren, and we interact with her and her staff regularly." In 2013, Warren fought to protect federal funding for a “battlefield communications” project worth hundreds of millions USD that was under development at General Dynamics’ site in Taunton, MA. As Politico reports:

In her first year in the Senate [2013], Warren joined other members of the Massachusetts delegation in fighting proposed cuts to the Army’s Warfighter Information Network-Tactical program, a battlefield communications network known as WIN-T that the Government Accountability Office has cited for unplanned cost increases and performance deficiencies. The Pentagon was seeking to shift $128 million away from the program to pay for Afghanistan war costs — a reprogramming request that was blocked by the congressional defense panels following a lobbying campaign orchestrated by General Dynamics.

In 2017, Warren again fought (successfully) for the inclusion of additional funding for the same General Dynamics “battlefield communications” project in Congress’s FY 2017 defense appropriations bill. Later in 2017, Senator Warren visited General Dynamics' site in Taunton MA, where Warren “viewed a demonstration of the U.S. Army's battlefield communications network” which she had repeatedly fought for in congress. Warren stated about her visit to General Dynamics' Taunton site: 

WIN-T is the backbone of our Army's communications and data system. By connecting commanders to troops by both satellites and radio, it makes a real difference on the ground. I'm proud that it is manufactured right here in Taunton by General Dynamics. It's just one example of the great work being done here in Massachusetts that will directly prepare American soldiers all over the world to meet current and emerging threats.

More recently, Warren has joined the chorus of Congressional Democrats advocating for the "greening" of the US military. Ignoring worldwide calls for the reduction of US military emissions by downsizing the US military itself, this new liberal imperialist political line holds that the US government should decrease its military's reliance on fossil fuels in order to ensure continued US dominance and hegemony worldwide in decades to come. As Danny Haiphong explained in Black Agenda Report:

Elizabeth Warren believes that strengthening the “effectiveness” of the U.S. military is consistent with the Green New Deal. Her bill doesn’t demand that the U.S. military be reduced in size or scale. Nor does it mention that the U.S. military is the world’s largest polluter  and user of oil and fossil fuels. Instead of turning the Green New Deal into concrete policy, Warren has placed her attention on renovating the one thousand U.S. military bases that exist domestically and abroad. The so-called “policy wonk” of the 2020 elections appears to be more concerned with creating “green” bombs than a “green economy.”

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