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American Friends of LIBI

American Friends of LIBI is a Boston-based non-profit organization, which raises funds for the Israeli army by soliciting donations in the United States. According to American Friends of LIBI's website, LIBI is "the official fund of the IDF," which was "established in 1980 by then Prime Minister Menachem Begin and IDF Chief of Staff Rafael Eitan to provide for the educational, religious, and recreational needs of Israeli soldiers." American Friends of LIBI was then established in 2004 "by a small group of volunteers at the height of the Second Intifada" to raise funds for LIBI from US donors. American Friends of LIBI's website notes that they specifically aim to engage American "schools, synagogues, social committees and youth groups" in their fundraising efforts.

Links to the Boston Area

One of the four "officers" in leadership of American Friends of LIBI is Boston-Based Karen D. Hurvitz. Hurvitz presently works as legal counsel for "Education Without Indoctrination," a conservative Zionist lobbying and propaganda organization which has targeted the Newton Public Schools System for teaching a curriculum that, in their view, was not sufficiently pro-Israel. On her linkedin profile, Hurvitz describes her role in Education Without Indoctrination as "Counsel to organization dedicated to ridding K-12 curricula of foreign-influenced propaganda; represent students who have been targets of antisemitism."


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