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TechAviv Boston Branch

TechAviv is a network of invitation-only clubs which bring together Israeli founders of tech start-ups in cities worldwide, including in Boston. TechAviv manages a "founders fund" through which their club members "scout, back and actively support elite Israeli founders building what we believe will be important, massive-scale, enduring companies," by "investing out of our $50M inaugural fund, making pre-seed and seed investments between $500K-$3M." TechAviv's efforts to support Israeli tech start-ups is part of a broader Israeli state propaganda effort to positively brand Israel as a "start-up nation" and "innovation hub," in order to whitewash over the reality of Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homeland and Israel's theft of Palestinian land and resources.

The founding organzier the Boston Branch of TechAviv, Gil Zimmermann, also serves as a Regional Board Member of the Israeli-American Council Boston, which is a prominent Boston area Zionist lobbying and propoganda organization (see entry on Israel-American Council Boston).

Boston, Ma

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