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Newton Public Schools

From 2016-20, Zionist propaganda and lobbying organizations including the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting (CAMERA) targeted the Newton Public school system for teaching a curriculum that, in their view, is not sufficiently pro-Israel. (Also targeting the school system was an organization called "Education Without Indoctrination," whose current legal counsel Karen D. Hurvitz is one of the four "officers" in leadership of American Friends of LIBI.)

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) New England, JCRC, and CJP have tried to get the Newton Public Schools to change their curriculum. According to a joint statement by ADL, JCRC, and CJP, released in 2019, Newton distinct officials have met with ADL to review the latter's concerns regarding "antisemitic" materials being used in the curriculum - and the officials were favorable to the changes:

In 2017, following a curriculum review, ADL met with Newton district officials and they agreed to make changes based on a number of basic principles that we outlined.

However, the Zionist groups then found that "one teacher" was still using the curriculum that these NGOs objected to, but after exerting more pressure, the school had apparently relented:

This past spring, thanks to our advocacy, combined with the Israel American Council organizing parents and working directly with teachers, the school changed the program and Israel was prominently and positively featured throughout the day.

As the statement makes clear, the ADL and related NGOs are deeply involved in decisions involving the curriculum, and the Newton distinct sends teacher to get training by the ADL (an organization with a known record of anti-Black, anti-Indigenous, and in fact anti-Jewish racism). The joint statement makes this relationship quite clear:

...our work with Newton remains ongoing. At Newton’s request, the Schusterman Center at Brandeis University has been meeting with school officials and has found them to be open and amenable to learning. In fact, the Center hosted 20 teachers in the spring for an in-service day to learn about Israel and anti-Semitism. Additionally, ADL is actively implementing anti-bias training programs in Newton schools.

ADL, JCRC and others have very strong relationships with the local elected and appointed leadership that we've developed over time and we have been working closely with other organizations to drive the necessary changes.

The bottom line is that we're deeply engaged with this situation.



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