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MassChallenge is a start-up accelerator and mentorship program organized into an NGO. MassChallenge was established in 2009 in Boston, and the organization now has offices in Rhode Island and Texas, as well as in Mexico, Switzerland, and Israel. The Boston, MA location includes MassChallenge's main program, which focuses on early-stage US startups, as well as their HealthTech and FinTech programs. MassChallenge begins with a competitive application process, from which winners are selected and enrolled in a four-month mentorship program. This mentorship program includes opportunities for networking with investors and the ability to compete for funds. MassChallenge provides this full list of the start-ups they have graduated through their program.

The MassChallenge Israel office, located at Ki'ach 5 Jerusalem, 93542, plans to seek out agribusiness and agribusiness-adjacent startups for funding in 2022, through the "Better Plate Track." MassChallenge is carrying out this new agribusiness initiative in partnership with the Modern Agriculture Foundation. The prize for completing the program includes a business trip to Boston.

MassChallenge's leadership in 2022 included:

CEO Cait Brumme
COO Lauren Dougherty
CPO David Herrick
Managing Director of Early Stage, New England Hope Hopkins
VP of Finance Jason Pusifer
Board of Directors William Cowan
Board of Directors Michael Fanning
Board of Directors John Harthorne
Board of Directors Diane Hessan
Board of Directors Travis McCready
Board of Directors Fiona Murray
Board of Directors Leonard Schlesinger
Director, Israel Siobhan Dullan
Director, Israel Tammy Mahm
Director, Israel William Schnoor
Board of Advisors Sean Belka
Board of Advisors Joshua Boger
Board of Advisors Alice Bonner
Board of Advisors A.G. Breitenstein
Board of Advisors Brian Chapman
Board of Advisors Damon Cox
Board of Advisors Michael Greeley
Board of Advisors Wendy Mayer
Board of Advisors Linda Pizzuti Henry
Board of Advisors Matt Puccini
Board of Advisors Susie Roberts
Board of Advisors Jody Rose
Board of Advisors Jerry Wohletz
Board of Advisors Rick Weisblatt
10 Fan Pier Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02210 USA

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