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JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase is the largest bank in the United States, with assets totaling $3.74 trillion. After building up its extensive wealth through participation in the trade of enslaved African peoples, JPMorgan Chase now further enriches itself through its role as the single largest financier of the fossil fuel industry.

As reported by Rainforest Action Network (RAN), JPMorgan Chase lent $268.59 billion to fossil fuel companies in 2016-2019 alone. The Guardian further highlights that JPMorgan Chase "has provided $75bn (£61bn) to companies expanding in sectors such as fracking and Arctic oil and gas exploration." This capital from JPMorgan Chase has financed numerous fossil fuel expansion projects which are violating Indigenous land rights while accelerating the destruction of the planet.

In October 2021, a coalition of Indigenous community members and climate activists took to the streets of Boston to demand that JPMorgan Chase, as well as Boston-based Liberty Mutual Insurance company, stop insuring and investing in companies trampling upon Indigenous land rights and destroying the planet. As the Indigenous Environmental Network reported: "Today’s national day of action is kicking off a new youth-led campaign – titled Fossil Free Future – which will go after the financial institutions perpetuating the climate crisis. The Boston event is one of dozens that are taking place nationwide to spotlight Chase, Liberty Mutual, BlackRock, the Federal Reserve, and other major financial institutions." 

JPMorgan Chase maintains sites in the Israeli cities of Tel Aviv and Herzilya. The website for JPMorgan Chase's Tel Aviv site features a bolded title which reads "A nation of innovation," before proceeding to state: "Israel is home to many international technology companies and has produced some of the most exciting startup companies in recent years." Such language parrots ongoing the Israeli state propaganda effort to positively "brand Israel" as "start-up nation" and a hub of "innovation," in an attempt to whitewash the realities of Israel's colonial subjugation of Palestinians and systematic theft of Palestinian land and resources.

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