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Healing Across the Divides

Healing Across the Divides (est. 2004) is an organization based in Western Massachusetts, which supports NGOs providing technical, financial, and organizational assistance to Palestinians and Jewish Israelis. As their name suggests, Healing Across Divides pushes the false narrative that "mutual understanding" will bring peace and justice to the Palestinian people, whitewashing over the realities of Israel's systematic ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homeland and theft of Palestinian resources, which is met by Palestinian resistance aimed at reclaiming their land and resources. 

To this end, Healing Across Divides offers tours of historic Palestine. They organization claims, "Israeli and Palestinian guides will provide a dual narrative perspective of the culture, politics, history and geography of this extraordinary region," confirming their support for the normalization of Israel's project of settlement expansion, ethnic cleansing, and resource theft.

P.O. 217 Hatfield, MA 01038

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