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Odyssey Systems Consulting Group

Odyssey Systems is a military consulting firm headquartered in Wakefield MA, with an additional site in Lincoln MA. Odyssey Systems has received $76.62 million to date through US Department of Defense contracts, $68.65 million (86.15%) of which Odyssey derived from contracts with the US Air Force. In November, 2021, the US Air Force awarded Odyssey along with 55 other contractors a digital engineering contract aimed at improving the US Air Force's "ability to work on digital designs of its future platforms." The contract is worth a potential $46 Billion total over the next 11 years, which will be shared between Odyssey Systems and the other 55 contractors. Other Odyssey systems customers include the US Army, the US Navy, the US Space Force, the US Joint Improvised Threat Defeat Organization, The US Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Missile Defense Agency, and the US Coast Guard.

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