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Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, or MassMutual, is an insurance company headquartered in Springfield MA, with offices in Boston MA. MassMutual holds shares in companies who support the Israeli and US militaries, US prisons, US detention and deportation of Black and Brown migrants, and the fossil fuel industry.

MassMutual holds shares in multiple major weapons manufacturers which support the Israeli as well as US militaries, including General DynamicsHoneywell International IncAmphenol CorpGeneral Electric, and Ball Corp. MassMutual holds shares in Motorola Inc, a telecommunications company which is heavily involved in "designing and implementing surveillance systems around illegal Israeli settlements and military camps in the occupied West Bank," and which also supplies "surveillance products for use at US prisons, at the US-Mexico Border, and by US police agencies." MassMutual holds shares in 33 fossil fuel companies, along with 17 companies who uphold the US prison industrial complex.

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