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MassLandLords is an association of landlords in Massachusetts, which advocates for Massachusetts landlords’ "rights" to evict and extract wealth from the state’s working-class communities, Black and Brown communities in particular. MassLandLords has fought to help landlords enforce evictions and to recover “owed” rent from tenants, even those left without sources of income during the economic turmoil of the Covid-19 pandemic. In one post on their website from February 23, 2022, MassLandLords urged: “Don’t stop landlords from trying to recover owed rent from the pandemic.” MassLandLords even filed an amicus brief to a Massachusetts appeals court, arguing in favor of the idea that landlords should be permitted to recover rent from tenants even if these landlords couldn’t, under the pandemic eviction moratorium, evict those tenants (the case was made by MassLandLords lawyer Peter Vickery).

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