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MassEcon describes itself as "a private, non-profit partnership of business, industry leaders, and government dedicated to the economic growth of Massachusetts." MassEcon cultivates the many nefarious industries which thrive in Massachusetts, the weapons industry in particular. For example, MassEcon boasts about the expansive presence of weapons developers such as Raytheon and iRobot in Massachusetts, and in 2022, MassEcon gave an award to weapons developer General Dynamics Mission Systems "for their contributions to the Massachusetts economy." Furthermore, MassEcon celebrates Israeli companies that move into the Boston area, such as El Al Airlines.

MassEcon also maintains a platform called ReadyMass 100, through which corporations are able to view potential Massachusetts real estate sites onto which to move their operations. The ReadyMass 100 platform, like MassEcon as a whole, is specifically geared toward attracting leaders of the military industrial complex into the state of Massachusetts.

101 Walnut St, Watertown, MA 02472

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