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MIT Sloan School of Management

The Alma Mater of former Israeli Prime Minister and lifelong war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, the MIT Sloan School of Management maintains an array of programs and partnerships which support Zionism and the Israeli state.

MIT Sloan's "Israel Lab: Bridge of Learning" program connects MIT Sloan students with Israeli start-up companies. MIT Sloan boasts that the Israeli start-ups MIT students work with through the program provide students with "hands-on experience," while MIT Sloan students, in turn, "help Israeli executives solve managerial problems and business challenges." After two months working for their respective Israeli start-ups remotely, students participating in the Israel Lab then travel to Israel for three weeks of full-time work in-person at the company offices of their respective start-ups. After returning from these three weeks in Israel, MIT Sloan students then prepare "a concrete analysis that the host companies can use immediately." Speaking about the Israel Lab program, MIT Sloan Senior Associate Dean Jacob Cohen boasts, “Israel, like MIT, is a global leader and a center of innovation and entrepreneurship. For many years, our MIT and MIT Sloan students have expressed a strong desire to decode the unique factors that make Israel the start-up nation.” As evidenced by such glowing endorsements, MIT Sloan's Israel Lab celebrates and contributes to the ongoing Israeli state propaganda effort to brand Israel as a "start-up nation" and and hub of "innovation" and entrepreneurship," in an attempt to whitewash over the reality of Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homeland and theft of Palestinian resources.

Current MIT Sloan professors include supporters of Israel and proponents of Zionism. Current MIT Sloan Professor Retsef Levi spent nearly 12 years in the Intelligence Wing of the Israeli Army, before joining the Israeli start-up economy, to which MIT Sloan now strives to connect its students. Current MIT Sloan professor and founder of MIT Sloan's "MIT Leadership Center'' Deborah Ancona serves as faculty at a local organization called the Mandel Institute for Nonprofit Leadership, which provides training in "leadership and nonprofit management, social analysis and visions of Jewish life," through seminars in both Boston and Israel, joint learning with "Israel-based Mandel leadership programs," and mentorship from local NGO leaders, including the current Executive Director of the JCRC of Greater Boston Jeremy Burton. (See entries on the Mandel Institute for Nonprofit Leadership and the JCRC of Greater Boston.)

MIT Sloan plays host to a student group called the "Israeli Business Club." Per their website, the Israeli Business Club is made up of "students either with an Israeli background or who share an interest in Israel," and "promotes Israel's culture, business aspects and the entrepreneurial spirit within MIT Sloan and represents the Sloan community in Israel."

MIT Sloan has partnered with the Ruderman Family Foundation to provide a week-long certificate program. The Ruderman Family Foundation is a major donor to Zionist causes and is co-led by former AIPAC Lobbyist Jay Ruderman and current Friends of the IDF New England board member Shira Ruderman. (See entry on Ruderman Family Foundation.)

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