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MIT Lincoln Labs is a research and development center located within the Hanscom Air Force Base (run by the US Air Force) in Lexington, MA. MIT Lincoln Labs receives its funding from the US Department of Defense (DoD) and maintains deep ties to the US military and US Imperialism. The US Air Force "Life Cycle Management Center" (within Hanscom Air Force Base) currently holds a contract with MIT worth $20,140,117,466 over ten years (2015-2025) for the administration and operation of MIT Lincoln Labs.

With these federal resources, MIT Lincoln Labs provides broad support to the US military in areas including "Space Control," "Air, Missile, and Maritime Defense," "Communications Systems," "Cyber Security and Information Sciences," "Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Systems and Technology," "Advanced Technology," "Tactical Systems," "Homeland Protection," and "Air Traffic Control, and Engineering." In the 1970s, MIT Lincoln Labs developed "ground surveillance systems," which the US military deployed during its genocidal war against the people of Vietnam (see also: here and here). MIT Lincoln Labs provided broad support in communications technologies to the US military during the Gulf War. Following the US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, MIT Lincoln Labs provided the US military with "rapid reaction" technologies, meant to quicken the US military's capacity to activate its systems of violence during battle. MIT Lincoln Labs boasts that its Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS) "enjoyed a dramatic, successful demonstration in combat in the war with Iraq." Since 2001, MIT Lincoln Labs' "Lexington Decision Support Center" (LDSC) has provided the US military with simulated "war games," which the military uses to test out tactics and decision-making in preparation for war. 

3 Forbes Rd, Lexington, MA 02421

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