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Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) is an engineering school at Harvard University. SEAS has collaborated directly with the US Army. Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences career fairs have brought weapons manufacturer Raytheon, prison designer Kleinfelder, the "Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Division Newport," and the U.S. State Department to interface with SEAS and other Harvard Students. 

In Spring 2021, SEAS bioengineering professor Kevin Parker introduced a SEAS course entitled Engineering Sciences 298R “Data Fusion in Complex Systems: A Case Study,” through which SEAS graduate students were to "use data analytics to study how the Springfield Police Department deploys Counter-Criminal Continuum policing, or C3 — a law enforcement strategy — in the city’s North End neighborhood. C3 was developed by a friend of Parker’s and is based on United States Army Special Forces counterinsurgency tactics." The Dean of SEAS canceled the course after 500 students signed a petition stating that the course "normalizes the 'militarization of society,' while also failing to acknowledge the effects of 'structural racism' in the police." As a SEAS faculty, Parker has also conducted research on C3 counterinsurgency methods since 2012.

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