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Boston Globe

The Boston Globe is Boston's most widely-read newspaper. The Globe pushes propaganda and apologia for the state of Israel, while frequently singing the praises of the multinational corporations currently gobbling up real estate and driving up housing and living costs across Boston and Cambridge.

Support for Israeli colonization

The Boston Globe has repeatedly published op-eds by the Consul General of Israel to New England, willfully spreading Israeli state propaganda to the Globe's wide readership. Pieces written by the Consul General of Israel to New England which the Boston Globe has published in recent years have included: "Iran's Rouhani Gets His Way on Nuclear Weapons"; "Don’t rush into a deal with Iran," in which which the Consul General characterized the Iran Nuclear Deal as "alarming" and urged Western leaders to reject the deal and instead maintain their tight regime of economic warfare against the people of Iran; "Why International Counterterrorism Effort is Weak," in which the Consul General argued that the West's massive and racist "counter-terrorism" efforts following September 11th 2001 were, in fact, not racist or massive enough; and "Like Israelis, Bostonians show resilience amid pain," in which the Consul General joined the chorus of Zionist voices who capitalized upon the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings to appeal for increased connections and collaborations between the city of Boston and the Israeli state.

Ideological support for capitalism and displacement 

Boston area universities and tech, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies are presently gobbling up vast quantities of real estate in the Boston area, driving up local housing and living costs and displacing Black and Brown working class residents who can no longer afford to remain in the communities they have called home for years if not decades. Meanwhile, as John Summers notes in a 2014 piece in the Baffler

the wild ride of innovation is covered by the region’s only remaining large newspaper, the Boston Globe, with hugs for the industry’s miraculous discoveries and supercool events. Here’s one entirely representative headline from the Metro section: 'Flat Out, Totally Wired: Computer Hackers Match Wits at MIT, Yielding Ingenious—and Wacky—Creations.' Meanwhile, the paper’s Innovation Economy and The Hive blogs serve up 'some advice for entrepreneurs, Google style,' to pick a typical example from the relentless torrent of boosterism. One day this winter, a story about how the city’s digital entrepreneurs use printed business cards made the front page. ('Many people find it more efficient to slip a card to someone’s hand. Sure, the data have to be input to a device later, but some consider that extra step a plus.')" 

Notably, the Boston Globe has run propaganda pieces praising real estate firms such as Winn Management Company, suggesting that these firms do good for the city by reducing evictions. In reality, Winn Management has been evicting hundreds of the people in recent years, according to MassCourts records.

The Boston Globe is owned by John Henry, also the owner of the Boston Red Sox. Like the newspaper he owns, Henry fully supports the university-led "innovation economy" that is swallowing up Boston and Cambridge and eviscerating its Black and Brown working class communities.

1 Exchange Place, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02109-2132.

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